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Madeline Learns to Trust Herself Around Food & Listen to Her Body After Years of Restriction

December 30, 20202 min read

When Madeline came to me she was feeling super lost. After years of bodybuilding and strict programming she found herself in a flurry of emotional eating, constantly going off plan, and feeling detached from her body and her choices.

When we started working together Madeline expressed to me that she wanted to be able to trust herself around food, make choices from an intuitive place, and move away from structured plans so she could truly honor her body with her eating choices.

Every individual I work with comes to me with a unique ideal relationship with food and I was so excited to support Madeline in working through her emotional eating behaviors, lack of awareness in her body and her choices, and support her in embracing the relationship of trust and understanding she wanted.

We focused a lot on the mealtime rituals of my program along with redefining beliefs that were no longer serving her from her past. What I admired most about working with Madeline was her organization and commitment to the program. Madeline fully immersed herself into the program from the get go and never made excuses. Because of this, we were able to dig deeper and accomplish a lot in 5 weeks.

I am so grateful for the work we did together and overjoyed to hear her express such kind words about our work and elation with where she is now. Nothing is impossible for the people who really really want something.

Madeline was tired of facing her darkness every day without the tools needed to see the light was coming. Now she has a huge toolbox of resources, new normal belief patterns, more love for her body, and a deeper connection to every decision she makes.

I have no doubt that Madeline will be successful moving forward as she continues to use what she has invested in equipping herself with. Madeline, Thank you for trusting me and inspiring others to take action with your story!

If you were inspired by Madeline's experiences and transformation and you are truly ready to let go of guilt, shame, and loss of control around food then visit to learn more about my food relationship healing and discovery program (this is what Madeline was referring to) and apply now!

Once you click the link, go through the info, and apply I will reach out within 24 hours with some follow up questions to be absolutely sure I can help you. If I can, we will move forward with enrollment, if I cannot, I will refer you out / provide other resources.

Can't wait to see you create YOUR ideal relationship with food while kicking ass in your life, physique goals, and embracing your body.

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