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Making Friends with Food is the Key to Food Freedom

March 09, 20212 min read


Making friends with food is ultimately what gives me the freedom to make the best choices for my body long term

This doesn’t even just go for the stereotyped donuts & chocolates but also carrots, sodium, peas, butter, cheese, name anything that was not a protein & green beans or oats & sweet potato & I probably once demonized it

I’m so glad I devoted time & energy to overcoming my negative relationship with food as it truly opened me up to a world where my lifestyle feels so much easier whether it’s prep or improvement season because I have peace within me, trust in myself, & a very strong mindset to support longevity

I preach it time and time again that restriction breeds fixation which increases urgency to act on it (overeat, cheat, binge, etc)

This doesn’t mean you’re doomed if you follow a strict plan or macros that don’t allow for a donut hole here or there

It just means your intention matters

While I’m a huge advocate of facing fear foods head on, I’m also no stranger to the art & great reward of commitment, discipline, & execution (even developing a different relationship with food can require this—all journeys of any sort do!)

When I work with a competitor on prep on her relationship with food, it can look different than the work I do with a girl in her off season

Many of the principles are the same and part of the PTG process I have but the execution may look different

But this also goes to show there’s many ways to get from A to Z & I commit to taking a collaborative approach that my clients feel comfortable with and motivated by!

On the surface many of my clients are similar; eating off plan, restricting, obsessive, thinking about food all the time, emotionally restraining from / diving into food, body checking, making negative comments about themselves, wrestling with guilt, shame, confusion...

But they’ve all arrived to their own healthy relationship with food which is meant to be exactly that, YOUR OWN

Want to discover how you can finally make peace with food while still achieving your goals?

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