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Making Peace with Food & Your Body Does NOT Mean you have to Give Up Caring about your Food Choices or your Commitments to your Goals

June 16, 20202 min read


I totally get that as a competitor & fitness enthusiast you don’t wanna give up your commitment to your goals

Good news is, you shouldn’t have to to make peace with food & your body

In fact, your current habits can provide great insight into the beliefs, thought patterns, & associations that can support you or be shifted

I love working with athletes to BUILD MORE THAN JUST A BODY because they’re usually committed to improving themselves

Plus, I‘m a competitor, so my ability to empathize & understand is NOT in resorting to “well just stop competing”

I‘ll always do my best to understand & support you where you’re at with consideration for your goals

My process is rooted in making peace; not for someone else or to my standards or to the definitions of other industries but for YOU

Nothing is more important to me than what you need in the moment I‘m connecting & communicating with you

There are key steps like; understanding through discovery, conscious commitment to awareness, mindful application, association/pattern shifting, & reinforcement—to name a few

But the implementation of these steps manifests differently for the individual clients I work with

It’s about you, your goals, experiences, & needs

I’m here to support you in getting there

You may see testimonials from my clients & think “omg I don’t wanna do that” & then see another one like “OMG I need that but what about that other one?”

I want to affirm to you that the end result may be peace for each client or an awareness of how to continuously commit to that peace but the application of my PTG process to get you to that end result is as unique as you are

So while the approaches might be scary or appear to be unconventional at times, my commitment is to understand your needs & goals & work w/ you in the most productive way

If you’re struggling with not eating to your plan, falling off track repeatedly, yo-yoing, non stop thinking about food, constant anxiety over your food choices, looking in the mirror in complete disgust longing to love your body, feeling like you’ll NEVER be the champion you dream of becoming...

Then visit my services page here to learn of the different ways we can work together:
Apply directly for my 1:1 Food Relationship Healing & Discovery Coaching Program Here:

work through this together

You can go on trying to fight these battles within you on your own or even play the guessing game w/ your physique coach who isn’t as passionate about food relationships, self-affect related issues, or application of mindset, psychology, and self-development as they are about physique development

Let them help you with that

I wouldn’t ask to do your coach’s job—and I don’t expect them to do mine 😉

I’m ready for you, making champions is a team effort and I can’t wait to support you

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