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Making the Most of Vacation While Reverse Dieting Post-Show

October 03, 20221 min read

Making the Most of Vacation While Reverse Dieting Post-Show

I hope you find this thread helpful for your next trip! Be sure to save it for future reference🤗

My personal approach may not be best for everyone so I shared more of the mentality behind the choices/approach

Aside from the proof being in the pudding & me having a very fun, freeing, relaxed, fulfilling experience while traveling & while being & returning maintaining weight, having good digestion without feeling heavy or crappy, & continuing to perform well in the gym…I also understand principles to developing and supporting peace of mind given my own growth, education, & experience in helping 100s of others do the same

Less complication & stress, more mindfulness

With freedom comes opportunity to choose. Choice is a much better place to function & make decisions from than restriction or chore mentality

Take the time to connect with what YOU want your experiences to be like and how you want to feel when you return so you can feel confident in your choices while traveling & in a state of acceptance for any outcome when you return

If seeing physique or data changes scares you when you return then remind yourself and reflect on whether you upheld your commitments, learned, and enjoyed your experience

This should be known & decided well before you return to mitigate judgment

If you would like support in your journey to having and maintaining a healthy relationship with food while working on your physique goals, CLICK HERE  for access to a free program or go ahead and apply to work with me 1:1 in my food relationship program

If you have other questions or things you’d like me to expand on feel free to comment or dm me and I’ll do follow up content🙌🏻🤩🫶🏼


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