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Maybe You DON'T Need to Meditate, Journal, Cleanse, or 'fix' Anything Today

July 28, 20191 min read

You don’t always have to fix something about yourself...
Some days you really can just enjoy the hell out of yourself, “flaws” n all, and just see yourself for the beautiful soul you are
While yes, loving yourself is taking time to improve yourself, it’s also taking the time to embrace yourself fully for everything you have been, are, and will become
Maybe the best thing you can do today isn’t actually the mindset work on all your limiting beliefs, or the identity work and visualization of your higher self

or the healing meditations, or the chakra clearing, or whatever else you normally do to uplevel, align, or grow...
Maybe it is simply making the decision to Stop and thank yourself today for every little detail that makes you YOU

and for every experience of your life, big and small, because it’s all made you who you are and you my friend are a frikkin rock star 😍☀️👑🌟❤️

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