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Making Your All or Nothing Mindset Work FOR your Not AGAINST You

November 15, 20202 min read

Making Your All or Nothing Mindset Work FOR your Not AGAINST You

The all or nothing mindset can be beneficial as well as detrimental

If you’re going to give 110% of yourself to something day In & day out, let it be something that also Includes consideration for your future success

This mindset used to lead me into a horrible spiral as I’d burn out or the goal would be achieved or show date would pass & I wasn’t prepared for what was next

110% adherence to a diet I didn’t love led to 110% binging

110% training without rest led to 110% dragging ass to the gym

110% body responding to effort led to 110% knit picking at my physique when it started going the other way


I needed a solution to this that would not detract from me accomplishing goals but also wouldn’t lead me to completely derailing myself months or years down the road

I couldn’t figure out a happy medium & questioned if it even existed

I was so scared to give up control that I was consistently letting myself down

When I loosened the reigns, it didn’t mean I stopped giving my all, it just meant I started doing it in a new way

I found that I could not only achieve my goals but even surpass them bc they became more aligned with my values, seamless to my life, & considerate of my needs

I started sustaining results which provided me a new normal to then take to the next level & find another better normal

It was SO hard at first to be okay with this bc it meant giving up what I thought was the only way to achieve success, in an effort to become the version of me who achieves, masters, & generates MORE of it

I couldn’t keep repeating history thinking I’d eventually “be able to do what xyz says & does” for my lifestyle

It just didn’t make sense for me!

I’m a unique individual, & I’m not anything or anyone I see online—Therefore my approach needs to be congruent with that

I am a disciplined, organized, & ambitious woman too-I wanted to know I was moving forward NOT backward

Now I’ve established my path of least resistance & am thriving more because of it!

If you want to find your ALL without ending up with NOTHING then let's work together to set new expectations & standards for yourself with peace in that process.

HERE to contact me now to discuss your needs and our options :)

Celeste Rains-Turk

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