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Mindful Execution for Sustainable Results

August 30, 20222 min read


You can, you will, you are, and one day you’ll say you did

Showing up every day for yourself and your goals like they are non-negotiable is a prerequisite to your goals and a precursor to your confidence

The more you execute with a receptive and ready mind, the more you’ll learn

As you execute, you build proof of your ability as well as your commitment

When you can see that you are worthy and deserving of what you want…you’ll want to know you’re capable

Building upon each day with habits, to-dos, plans, and commitments that move you in the direction of your dreams will build your efficacy

Every time you don’t show up for yourself, or you don’t take the time to figure out what’s truly holding you back, you’re sending the message to yourself that you are not ready to receive the results you claim you want, are incapable of achieving them, not worthy of the fulfillment that lies in the daily process, and not deserving of that drive

This is why I find It feels so damn good to wake up and work

Whatever aim or focus you have that you get up and put your energy towards every day, gives purpose and meaning and enables us to see that we have the power to give ourselves what we want

I find myself affirming clients often with an affirmation I use for myself… you are worthy of what you want

To follow that of course, you must want and be open to what you’re working toward and commit yourself to the ups, downs, and sideways that come with pursuit

But if anything’s for sure, if you want something or have a mission on your heart to follow, you’ll stop at nothing to get it out there or get it done…even if some stops along the way are painful to experience, look at, face, cope with, overcome, let go of…

Success is not always just a matter of ticking boxes, it’s a matter of mindful execution to support optimal and sustainable results


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