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Mindset & Macros Workshop

December 23, 20221 min read

Mindset & Macros Workshop

Click here to COMING UP! 😍🤩 ONLINE WORKSHOP WITH @nicoleferrierfitness ON JANUARY 11TH AT 6:30PM EASTERN TIME

Learn How to Make the Most of your Programming for any Season with Mental Health Tools & Specific Guidance on Best Approaches to Nutrition

You can sign up now at: (linked in bio @celestial_fit )

The event will be LIVE through a zoom but you will also be sent a replay if you cannot attend LIVE

✔️You’re wanting to improve your relationship with food and your body
✔️Learn More about Macros
​✔️Want a Plan Post-Show/Post-Dieting that will Support you in sustainability and peace moving forward
✔️​You struggle with adherence to a plan
✔️​It is hard to look at yourself in the mirror, step on the scale, or compare yourself dieting again for mental or physical health reasons
​✔️Your why does not feel enough to support the how
​✔️Managing hunger, body cues, and macro planning has brought difficulties

🕜Time Frame: Please set aside 75 minutes for this online event. We will be letting everyone in from the zoom waiting room right at 630pm Eastern time so arrive early!
📲💻Where: A zoom link will be provided upon receipt of your payment for registration
💝What is Included: Access to the full LIVE event, copy of slides, Q&A time on the LIVE, replay delivery

Sign up now!

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