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Mindset Monday: Each Journey is Unique!

May 18, 20212 min read


Sitting around 38lbs from stage weight with increased strength, a consistent menstrual cycle, the most drive I’ve ever had for my goals in bodybuilding, & mental peace.

If you watched today’s mindset Monday video over on The Shoe Fairy Instagram page I breakdown how you can detach from the weight on the scale by focusing on & celebrating what really matters (your efforts!!)—you can watch here:

of our goals, bodies, & journeys are very unique! If we judge ourselves based on the journeys of others, we are really doing ourselves a disservice.

I believe the reason we are so focused on numbers as competitors is due to constant reinforcement, both good and bad, which I share some specifics around in that IGTV.

If I were doing things that didn’t align with my goals every day, I’d feel very differently about my weight gain.

But because I have taken intentional action, I can be at peace with the result of those actions
I have also had to remind myself that no improvement season is perfect!

As much as you can plan for it to be, the world doesn’t stop turning which means our human experience continues and that can mean tragedy, grief, celebration, change, connection, heartbreak, and more can ensue despite our own perfect image.

I truly think if more competitors focused on their mentality with commitments and intentions before and during each improvement season, then adjusting to post-show weight gain would be easier and the process would not just be more fulfilling but also more fruitful because you’d have more focus on what matters.

Fulfilling fruitful focus, say that 10x fast LOL.

In all seriousness, I am still learning, still growing in acceptance, and still practicing because our self-compassion and care is a muscle we mustn’t let atrophy at the cost of our insecurities or fears.


If you’re looking for more support with this follow these steps:
1. Watch the full video
. Go to to get mindset coaching & support at your fingertips in every season & join a community of amazing women!
3. Implement

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