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September 26, 20211 min read


Really want to see as much of this amazing state as I can while I’m here!

I love hiking and find it to be one of my favorite parts of improvement season where I can do so much more of it!

I find so much peace in nature and often that’s exactly what I need to let go of my troubles or anxieties of the week.

I find it to be engaging and challenging. I get to engage with my body and the world around me, including people I see on the trails (a lady yesterday was killing it telling me she is aiming for 135 miles this month and she had super cute jewelry on and then told me I made her day like what!! And another lady said everyone needs a shirt like this. It says “do what you love”), and I get to engage with my body!

Plus it’s challenging to go somewhere new, especially alone. It can be scary and nerve wrecking and requires me to be extra careful or mindful of my steps and where I am or where the trail takes me!

I feel so blessed to have had the freedom to go yesterday and enjoy my day!

Do you like hiking?
Wheres your favorite place you’ve ever hiked?

Bonus points for recommendations in AZ 😆

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