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One of the SCARIEST Things I’ve Ever Done...

April 19, 20192 min read


One of the SCARIEST things I’ve ever done...

A year ago I quit my day job to work for myself full time and it was one of the most freeing (yet scary) things I’ve ever done for myself

I loved my jobs but working multiple jobs, running my own business, and being a full-time student, while also prepping for my bikini comps was just crazy

I couldn’t go ALL in for myself in my business the way I needed to to make the impact I am committed to

I stood up in front of a room of people (who I’d just spoken in front of) & promised to put my two weeks in

I wrote it while waiting for my flight to board & legit almost missed my flight from NY to CA 😰

I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want anyone’s limiting beliefs or opinions to get in the way of me following my souls calling & true need at the time

Once it was done I slowly put the word out and the responses were mixed but I knew what was best for me

From there I launched my podcast, found my true niche that I love so so so much and just want to serve at the highest level and know I’m meant to be here to help, improved my wellbeing and way of life, and found a happiness I didn’t truly truly realize I could just “decide to have” until I did😍

When I was growing up (lol I’m still 22 and feel like I’m experiencing serious growing pains rn) my parents told me the best thing to do is what you love🙌🏻

I never ever did anything I didn’t love. I lived by this belief that I could make a living, be happy, & change the world by doing what I was meant to do

It’s not always easy

Sometimes I question if I’m crazy & should go back to a “regular” job

Running my own business is really intense. But it’s taught me so so much and I’m always learning

Every once in awhile I think I might just barge into big buildings and take them over (idk why lol)

Often times I cry soooo intensely about the pains i want to heal in the world which lights my fire even more

The best part?

I wake up with this smile every day &
I look forward to every task on my to do list because there was a time in my life I was longing to just be doing more for my mission so now I don’t take a single thing for granted

What’s your big dream? What’s stopping you?

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