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Operation Badass: The Unleashing...

April 18, 20212 min read


“It is necessary to take note of what you love about your badass best self.

Keep in mind, you do NOT have to wait until you are 100% this person

We are consistently and constantly growing so you’re always going to find ways to progress and change over time.

It is important that you step into your best reality, what you really want to see yourself become, and acknowledge what you love about yourself as this person.

This will give you even more reason to step into this identity daily.

Since you love yourself, & we like to feel loved & appreciated, it will be a great emotional driver & connect you more to your reasons, why’s, & actions.

You wouldn’t want to hate who you become so recognize now what it is you love about this next level version of you.

When taking the time to do this, know that you have limitless possibilities so forget about the “what if‘s” or the “when I...” & put more focus into the NOW rather than the HOW.

You have made this decision that this is who you are, who you are becoming and growing as. Appreciating this version of you will get you more excited to embrace the growth.

When we refer to ourselves in love, we can generate even more love to support the journey!

There is nothing wrong with loving yourself, but there’s everything wrong with hating yourself.

Step up to the plate and give yourself what you deserve!

Thinking of this as a future tense scenario will not serve you or better you though.

Remember, this is now, this is happening, you’ve already decided! It’s time to accept this version of yourself today so you can be more like her in each future moment.

So give yourself some credit, because if you can write about how much you yourself as the future version of you, then there will be a lot to be proud of!!

With that said, how do you commit to loving yourself as this bad ass you?🤔💭”

Taken from a chapter of my best-selling self-help book, “Believe your way to Badass”

To purchase the book, visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble & search “Believe your way to Badass”🧠✍🏻

@avroraprofit asked me questions about the book on her podcast “Vegan Talks” too if you wanna hear about when & how I wrote it!

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