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Our Stage Body is a Physical Representation of Something Much Deeper

February 28, 20192 min read

Our Stage Body is a Physical Representation of Something Much Deeper

Every competitor will tell you that competing goes so much deeper than surface level

Being on stage is euphoric

But compared to the effort to get up there, it is a brief period of time in our lives as athletes

We embrace & savor every moment up there as we represent the person we’ve become through the process.

Show day is this tangible, real life, right here, moment of opportunity to see our next level identity come to life in physical form

To witness this is beyond rewarding.

But still, every competitor knows that the peak happens right when you step on stage, if you get it right.

Not a moment sooner, or later.

There is a single moment in time & space in which your very best aesthetic is represented

Yet there is a monstrous commitment to act as though you are already that best version of yourself day in and day out until you arrive on stage to actually physically see her

When you’re killin it in the gym, weighing food, chugging water, & being meticulous about every. single. pose; that’s the becoming

Competing is not limited to show day itself

It’s every minute of the day that you wake up and decide that you either win in this moment or you lose this moment

Every micro moment on prep or in an improvement season is leading to the macro moments that bring our vision to life

The physical becomes a representation of the metaphysical

The body is a canvas for your dreams, beliefs, & aspirations

The peak is the representation of how many valleys you have been through

It was never realllyyyy about the physical result afterall.

It is about what all of that exterior represents within us; the person we become along the way who stands boldly on stage & remembers, “I did this!” We can mold ourselves not just through food & exercise but w/ a single thought, action, & belief

Without mindset, you are only progressing as a body. As a competitor you must Build More than Just a Body!

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Celeste Rains-Turk

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