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Outwork Yourself; Focusing on What Others are Doing Can Distract you From Your Own Work Ethic

August 01, 20202 min read

Outwork Yourself; Focusing on What Others are Doing Can Distract you From Your Own Work Ethic

Being outworked by someone else is nowhere near as motivating for me as outworking myself

Sometimes energy on prep gets limited, the last thing I wanna do is spend it thinking about what someone else is doing

If you are truly doing your best and pushing your limits and on top of your game every day, then what would comparing yourself do for you?

Doing your best is all you can do so no external information is going to suddenly change that

Sure, be motivated by other competitors, athletes, people

But let it be healthy and empowering inspiration that doesn’t make you question yourself but instead lights you up to KEEP focused on your commitments

In bodybuilding, the trophy doesn’t always go to the person who worked the “hardest” because that’s not outlined in the criteria and would be impossibly difficult and incredibly limiting if we were all held to someone else’s standard of hard work, I mean could you imagine that?!

Humans receive fulfillment from executing day in and day out more than anything else

It is truly in the pursuit that we find the greatest joy

Even when it’s tiresome, difficult, and unpredictable at times

We love living in the identity of the version of ourselves who does what needs to be done to get where we want to go

We love the way that feels more than we love actually getting there

And when we do get “there” we celebrate because we know what went into that journey & the external validation is euphoric because what seemed to be only internal has manifested into something tangible to further our growth in whatever we choose to pursue or compete in

What do you think?

Is outworking anyone really as important as outworking yourself?

Is winning the trophy or stepping on stage really the most satisfactory part of the sport?

Has there ever been anything more gratifying than truly believing you’re doing your best in the way you show up for yourself and your vision each day?


Celeste Rains-Turk

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