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Overcoming a Negative Relationship with Food Post-Show & on Prep; Stephanie M. Testimonial and Story

September 01, 20193 min read

This video from my client totally made me cry. Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing my clients win

I am going to share a really awesome story from my client Stephanie who was able to transform her relationship with food in 5 weeks with me.

She said goodbye to overeating, binge-like behavior, negative self-talk, mindless eating. guilt, and the post-prep struggles with food that had crept up during her prep and worsened when she stepped away from a prep. Which she shares in her video here.

Stephanie was riddled with guilt, shame, embarrassment and self-loathe every time she ate off her plan. She would automatically feel fat, body check, and hate herself. Then, she would let this control what she would do the rest of the day leading to restrictive behaviors. Stephanie saw this impacting her relationship not only with herself but others as well.

When she reached out to me she was really concerned that she would never be able to move past this. She was very focused on her body, and saw food as a path to perfection rather than to health.

She is now so happy to eat what she wants, has been more conscious to what she is eating, enjoying date nights, and has not binged.

Want to know how she did it? Watch her video below (captions are up to date so if you can't listen, you can read :p)

P.S. I gotta admit, this made me cry. To be recognized for the commitment, heart, time, and energy I put in to my clients makes me feel so warm and fuzzy.

"I felt like I was her only client...I have never worked with someone who is so available for her clients...I am tearing up because... I truly felt she was there for me 110%, her coming into my life couldn't have come at a better time...words cannot actually express how awesome she is and the freedom she has given me..." -Stephanie M. Christchurch, New Zealand
I am truly so happy with the progress Stephanie had during my 4 Week Food Relationship Healing Program for Bikini Competitors.

In her review video below she not only shares what she accomplished but even some of the ways we worked together to work through it all. Stephanie got results because she was committed to the process, trusted me, and went all in! If you can, take some notes because she does share bits and pieces of my PTG process ;) <3

I translated the audio into written format to create captions and put it all in the bottom of this email bolding some important details, takeaways, and other insights she shared that I thought you might resonate with or find helpful.

If this is a program you are feeling called to participate in and really commit to then fill out this form to apply for the program:

you hit submit I will review and reach out to you within 24 hours to chat about your specific situation in more depth, and then decide if this is the best option for you moving forward. 

You can watch her review video here:

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