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Overcoming An Unhealthy, Reactive, Toxic Relationship with Food Without Punishment or Empty Promises

October 13, 20191 min read


It’s not the chips that are triggering you, it’s you who is seeing the chips as a trigger

Rather than throwing all your nut butters, chocolate, candies, or even fruit away because you “can’t control yourself around it”

Challenge yourself to change the thoughts that are creating that pent up desire and urge to go crazy on them!

To say “I’ll never have xyz again” is like an automatic promise to struggle in the future

Make a more realistic commitment to YOURSELF and for your choices rather than forming negative thoughts about food or blaming it

When we have experiences with food, we take away a lesson, then that lesson impacts future decision making

Pay attention to the experiences you’re having with food and what you’re taking away from them

A healthy relationship with food is one that is conscious, not restrictive, shameful, or punishing

You can also work backwards, Pay attention to your behaviors and ask yourself, “where is this coming from, what is driving this?”

And from there you can shine light on the negative beliefs and thought patterns that don’t serve you and learn NEW lessons

If you’re struggling with your relationship with food YOU CAN GET THROUGH IT, YOU’RE NOT A LOST CAUSE, YOU CAN MAKE PEACE

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