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Overcoming Comparison in Competition Prep

August 13, 20202 min read

Overcoming Comparison in Competition Prep

Do you compare yourself to other competitors doing the same show as you?

Constantly checking the promoters page, tagged photos, stories, and hashtags to see who your competition is going to be?

Looking at their page, trying to figure out what height class they’re in and how their prep is going?

Do you think about if you’ll measure up, be competitive, or have a shot but wish you’d just stop the comparison game?

I have worked with a little over 100 competitors now

The majority of them have struggled with this

So you’re definitely not the only one participating in such self-destructive behavior

Comparing yourself to other girls is not just painful or ego-boosting for some, but it is a MAJOR distraction from what matters most right now which is prepping to create YOUR best for the show date you have chosen

First, let’s get real about a few things:
1. Her photo could be super edited, in amazing lighting, overly posed, after a pump, or even not current. Plus, she isn’t going to be judged by her gym selfies. You have to practice your presentation and she has to practice hers

The judges will judge you both on the same day

You have to control what you can and do everything you can. Yes, this is a competition but the only way to compete is by bringing YOUR best. You can’t change anything about her or her best on show day

2. What if she isn’t actually x weeks out from your show?

3. What is she ends up not being in the show at all after planning on it? Wouldn’t you be upset about being online looking at her forever? Time & energy waster

4. It could jeopardize your ability to truly connect and make friends at the show. If you go in with this beta mentality, putting others on a pedestal you now separate yourself from them

I may expand on this more here too, lmk if this is something you struggle with!

I cover this topic extensively in a module of my On demand Mindset Coaching for Competitors Platform

There I share 5 self-awareness/discovery prompts and 6 action steps to further combat this behavior in the platform which you can access here:

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