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April 13, 20203 min read



It feels AMAZING to give everything you have AND more every day

But as humans, we are bound to have days that are not “perfect”

There are a number of variables that can lead to this but regardless, it can leave us feeling so negative; sad, frustrated, down, upset, embarrassed, guilty, ashamed...

You may slip up or feel like you didn’t do the best you can with all you could

And It’s scary how easy it is for us to stress over those days because they feel SO HEAVY

We just can’t stop focusing on the failure or the intense emotional experience that comes with letting ourselves down!

But something I LOVE about human psychology is that we are wired to become hyperfocused on negative experiences, behaviors, memories, thoughts, emotions...

When I first learned of this concept as a “survival” mode tool I thought nothing of it. I actually kind of thought it sucked like “why can’t we be more primed to focus on the positives?!”

However, with time & deeper understandings as well as my own intense experiences, I shifted my perspective. It hit me

“WOW! We are primed to focus on these negative experiences so that we can LEARN how to PREVENT them, cope with them, manage them, and capitalize on them”
It’s not just to “survive” but it’s genuinely to improve and grow and develop as people

This came from one of my innate beliefs that perspective and energy are everything

Many of us sit in our negative emotions and feeling and allow them to consume every fiber of our being

I can feel so deeply for those in pain every day from their mental health and state of mind

I’ve been in very dark places myself and it is S C A R Y (especially because it feels like you have no control over it!)
While emotions are mostly automatic responses to stimuli, I remember one day I thought to myself, ‘what if I could make my emotions feel more tangible?’

So I then thought I’ll ask myself, “what are these emotions teaching me?”

When I asked myself this, I was able to discover things like;

•what the guilt I felt was teaching me about my body & my eating behaviors

•what the frustration was teaching me about my lack of boundaries with myself

If you struggle to grasp this or think it will work for you, I like putting it in the perspective of how it works in relation to positive experiences;

•what the excitement was teaching me about my passions

•what the elation was teaching me about my need for freedom, impact, and love

These are just a few of the many examples

I am not robotic for this. I still feel. I’m very sensitive and highly empathetic. I feel things so deeply

The difference now is that when I start to feel the negative experiences are taking control over me, I make them tangible and see what they’re teaching me so I can learn and capitalize

I truly believe this has allowed me to consistently apply myself & has fueled much of my growth as a person

What do you think of all this?

I’d love to hear your thoughts⬇️😊❤️🧠


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