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Overcome The Overeating Cycle

February 12, 20213 min read

Overcome The Overeating Cycle

One of the many ugly cycles that can perpetuate disordered eating and negative self-affect

That 1 oreo that turns into 20 that turns into chips, hummus, candy, & might as well finish that last jar of PB because you “already screwed up anyways & will just eat less tomorrow”

Knowing there’s no way you can “make up for that”

You resort to restriction of food & increases in cardio thinking that’ll get you “back on track” especially now that you’ve thrown away the trigger foods

(by the way, is it really a food triggering you? Or the associations attached, events before, perception...I digress)

Despite past experiences you tell yourself you’re strong, you’ve done it before (remember in prep when nothing could stop you), & punish yourself, “you cannot have any of this until xyz” simultaneously perpetuating that food is a reward

Afternoon hits, you’ve had maybe 70g of protein by now, at max you’ve had 15g carbs from veggies, & you’re certainly not having fats because “too many calories & already ate in excess so can’t”

The body feels deprived, especially with the permanent feeling of restriction it has because of the underlying belief you have that you are a “failure”

So she does what she does best - tries to restore you encouraging you to get more nutrients & do it fast!

Your brain is also feeling under stimulated & the wavering commitment to the intention to “make up for it” is hanging by a thread because “you know you’re just going to ruin it again that’s what you always do just have it it’s fine you haven’t eaten much today...your show is so far away...your body fat Is already ‘too’ high anyways...”

Ravenous rage turns on & the 4th serving of protein n veg doesn’t cut it

Suddenly you’re at it again, rather than giving yourself the balanced nourishment your body is truly craving you turn to something more familiar & fast, “I’ll just have this 1”, “this will be less calories than if I have a cup of oats”, “I can have this I should be more balanced anyways”

Then it happens again, elbow deep with a head full of guilt because you acted out of alignment with your commitments again so now you are swearing to be better tomorrow - more restriction, more punishment, tighter reigns...

At some point you have to come to terms with the fact that maybe more restriction isn’t better, trusting yourself doesn’t come from less chances to, repeating the cycle is less about food & more about your self worth or beliefs in yourself, abilities, & goals

You deserve better for yourself

I’m an athlete who has been there & I’ve now devoted my life to helping others work through this while still achieving their physique goals

You can’t get the most out of your training & nutrition programming if you’re not willing to work on the executor, YOU

If this is something you’re dealing with I invite you to learn more about & apply for my food relationship healing & discovery coaching program at now

Even if I can’t help you, I’ll support you in finding the help you need

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