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Posing to Embrace your Body in Improvement Season

February 24, 20212 min read


If self-consciousness is holding you back from practicing posing, you’re doing your future self a HUGE disservice

Champions do what needs to be done and make it work regardless of circumstance

You of course don’t want to practice wrong over and over again (which is why I’m seeing @poselikepro on Monday!) but it is important to keep the flow because even if your posing does change by your next prep, you will want to have flow

I put my heels on in the improvement season too because it’s important to practice the walk and holding poses so it’s easier to play later rather than trying to build up stamina to just hang in heels!

If you think you’re “too” far away from your prep shape, “too” big, “too” uncomfortable....GOOD

Use it to fuel that drive every day in the gym. See your pumps, use posing as an asset to your improvement areas, and let this be practice of exposing yourself to your beautiful body in EVERY shape

If you only think you’re worthy of posing when you are lean or getting ready for a show then you are sending the message that your body is only worth being displayed or accepted or celebrated or shown when leaner

If you struggle to accept your body in every season, use your amazing ability as a competitor and STRUT

Because you my friend, deserve to feel empowered in your body, and in love with every season

After all, the growing season is what really is building what will eventually be on stage—physically & mentally

I work with many competitors who struggle with their body image through my on demand mindset coaching platform, 1:1 coaching, post show program, and entire build more than just a body community

I recommend you check out the on demand platform to begin with! You can watch replays of tons of our group coaching calls and also get exclusive access to the intricate system I developed for competitors in every season to have mindset coaching at their fingertips!

You’ll have to check it out to see what I mean ;) has all the info and even a tutorial/sneak peek of the platform!

Can’t wait to welcome you and support you as you #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY

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