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Post-Show Advice

September 19, 20231 min read

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If you’re freshly post show, keep these 3 things in mind

1) you developed strength like new mental, physical, and emotional capacities in your prep; use them in your improvement season

2) when you miss prep, ask yourself what you really miss…could it be the shreds, the daily focus and drive towards something more immediate, the validation…. Some things will be easier to admit than others but all are insightful for creating goals for this season

3) your body is supposed to keep changing and it won’t look like the changes you’ve been seeing the last few weeks going into your show. At some point the lines will fade and edges will start to look even more like curves… this is a beautiful thing, it means you’re one step closer to a restored, healthy, higher functioning body that can serve you even more not just in building your next best but in showing up for other areas of your life

Bonus reminder: When you get the urge to compare to someone who competed x weeks prior with you, please please remember this…everyone’s improvement season will look different because all our body’s, preps, history, needs, and goals are different

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