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Prevent & Overcome Self-Sabotage

October 05, 20231 min read

Falling into the cycle of self-sabotaging is common among people with high expectations for themselves

Unfortunately, all or nothing thinking can lead us to extremes that make us think we need to execute flawlessly on everything which, when they don't, they reinforce this 'i am a failure' loop in their mind

When we are committing to something, we have to be mindful of realistic expectations

We KNOW you can achieve lofty goals!! But if you continue to run into an inability to follow through, you need to focus on re-building your self-efficacy so you can start to believe yourself again

I outline the steps in this video:
1. Re-build efficacy
2. Identify possible road blocks out of fairness to ourselves and our commitments
3. Mitigate chances of repeating the negative pattern with preventative actions
4. Create 'If This___ Then ___' to Have a Plan of Attack for Bumps in the Road
5. Recognize the value of knowing your blind spots

The aim of this work is not to say 'I am going to fail' We are instead saying 'I deserve success and because of how much I want it, I am willing to look at anything and everything that could get in my way so I am prepared to face and overcome it'

If you are looking for more support with the strategies, skills, and identifying these sabotages, feel free to reach out for support. Whether it is a quick DM or a discussion on 1:1 work we can do together, I look forward to hearing from you :) @celestial_fit

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