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Prioritize These 2 Things for Longevity in Bodybuilding

October 29, 20202 min read

Prioritize These 2 Things for Longevity in Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a sport of evolution & growth. Nothing is ever the same because we are never the same!

Every day I get to learn something new about myself because I get to demand something more from myself

I have learned that patience & peace of mind need to be top priorities in any endeavor since no outcome is guaranteed & all that really matters is how I feel about & through the process

I love it & plan to be in it for a long time which frees me of a scarcity mentality or pressure to meet perceived or unfair expectations & instead just focus on improving

When I first started in 2015 it didn’t come from the right place...I had a lot of internal healing to do with food, my body, my goals, my life

When I started again in 2017 I remember saying I love this so much I’m so glad I did this again & focused on my needs so I could have a better experience & I left that show & took a picture that said I love this shit ima go pro one day

But that came with this feeling of racing rather than relishing

It wasn’t until the end of that season when I had to take time to recover, build, & foster more patience & perspective

Now I value respecting & honoring the sport, criteria, necessary actions, growth, more than an outcome

I want to be my best, I want to compete next to the best, & I want to raise the bar for myself & within the industry

For me that looks like prioritizing & promoting mental health for longevity

Because if you’re only in this for an outcome, physique, won’t last

Focusing on what else this sport, lifestyle, & results brings to your life is going to be more sustainable than just trying to get to an end goal

No matter the outcome of any show I’ve done the next step has always been to improve—even world renowned champions are always looking to improve, they just have a bigger target on their back

The titles will come & being better will always be expected, but you’re the only one who can dictate how you feel while pursuing the goals you have

So making the lifestyle, process, & approach one you PERSONALLY align with is going to be key for making & getting the most out of the sport while supporting your mental health


Celeste Rains-Turk

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