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Psychological Hunger is Real

December 10, 20212 min read

Psychological Hunger is Real

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Because psychological hunger is real

I have worked with many people who tell me they’re always hungry & wish they weren’t always thinking about food & then we implement athlete friendly mindful eating practices & their hunger balances out, they learn their body’s signals & they understand how to listen to their body while executing on goals.

Often times if we perceive a program change as a drop or restrictive or more demanding then we will probably be convinced that we should feel more hungry.

Sometimes people will worry about a 10g carb decrease but then when you remind them it’s equivalent to losing a rice cake their perspective shifts & they realize it’s OK.

Perspective is important. Especially when checking in with your coach, getting closer to shows, expecting macro drops, hunger increases, more cardio, Etc.

Those types of expectations lead to perpetuated stories & beliefs.

Usually they are fixated on potential negatives like being “so hungry” or “won’t be able to focus” “will lack energy” “just want more food” because our brain wants to prepare us for the negative experience of these possible outcomes.

I’d encourage you to step back & be realistic about changes to your plan, numbers, & reasons for these things.

When I used to compare how much I ate to others It not only made me hungrier but it also made me bitter.

I had to start setting boundaries with myself & others to not make comments about how much I was or wasn’t eating & got real about the fact that I pretty much sit all day outside of my workouts so the amount of cardio I do or food I eat should look different than someone on their feet all day.

I celebrate all the food I GET to eat, take time to recognize how it’s benefiting me, savor the meals rather than shove them down, talk positively about the process, & spend time with my thoughts, emotions, body signals, & needs.

If you want to apply more of this to your life, you can enroll in my free food relationship series at

noting if you’re not eating enough & are miserable it is also okay to stop dieting & give body a break or seek other guidance

Celeste Rains-Turk

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