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Reminders of Resilience

October 11, 20232 min read

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I have been to very deep dark valleys in my life

Sometimes it brings up judgment, shame, and fear

The challenges & hardships of life are inevitable but even with the lowest of lows we are reminded of our resilience

I’ve acted in ways I regret when I thought I’d never experience regret

I’ve found new versions of myself when I thought I was trapped in old ones

I’ve been stuck in situations I have helped others out of & wondered why mine felt stickier & more permanent than I’d ever let someone else believe

I’ve dismissed my needs & desires & settled for treatment that I never thought I’d tolerate

I’ve been liberated from parts of my mind that have held me captive before so I can do it again with any new darkness that comes my way

I’ve endured losses & tragedies that I don’t wish upon anyone

I’ve again, also accrued some of the biggest blessings this life could ever offer; stability, community, love, impact, freedom, health, safety…I know I’m blessed but I really try not to minimize big emotions when they come up

I try to reconnect with my faith, my values, & my purpose

I try to remind myself that what I’m going through is part of His plan for me & sometimes that plan includes some spiritual warfare

I’m equipped with a love unlike anything of this world to overcome even the worst storms of my life

The hardships I have faced have fortified me

As much as I wish some of the lessons I learned and continue to learn could be done so in less painful ways, I trust that it’s happening as it’s meant to & He is working it out for my good

This isn’t an easy belief to hold to or trust in when I’ve been wounded, torn down & rocked by life

But I’ve also been blessed abundantly & saved

If you’re in a storm or have been going through a lot of ups & downs; remember, you have more within you than it may seem right now

I’ve been knocked to my weakest God’s purpose for me brings me back to life when I want to escape. He has one for all of us

Beyond the surface, there are depths to our soul that we cannot even comprehend
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