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Resolving Food Issues

October 04, 20232 min read

celeste with food

Many think that resolving food related struggles simply comes from how we eat…

This is what those who struggle are told to do;

Stop tracking
Eat whatever you want
Give up this fitness lifestyle & competing
Get rid of those foods
Set a timer for cheat meals…”

Sure, SOMEtimes the eating pattern needs addressing

BUT! You cannot mend the relationship with food you have by going to extremes the other way

This creates all OR nothing thinking & underlying beliefs that keep you feeling MEH like… “you can’t be fit AND have a healthy relationship with food or you can’t eat x food AND feel in control or you can’t go out AND be proud of the choices you make”

By creating extreme pendulum swings the OR mentality & the pathway that tells you peace isn’t possible gets stronger

But myself & the people I have worked with are prime examples that you CAN have your goals AND peace

Don’t settle for treatment or services that only address surface level issues

Everyone & their mother can find something to blame your relationship with food on, competing or pursuing a fitness goal is always the easiest thing to point a finger at because unfortunately to most people it seems to be the culprit when often times it is moreso the revealer that brought these issues to a point where you finally need to address them or made it so you have to face them to be your best in those areas or because it had been an issue for so long and you used the guise of competing & fitness to cover it up (hi yes that was me once)

If you’re interested in guidance from a national certified counselor with a masters in clinical mental health counseling, bachelors in psychology, & a believer that you CAN maintain & improve your mental health while progressing in your fitness goals… DM me or visit to learn more about my initial 5 week 1:1 program (linked in bio @celestial_fit

This pic is from an event held this time last year in Denver with @hollyfitatfifty_ifbbpro where I brought the #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY message to a room full of amazing women (competitors & non-competitors) no matter your journey, the struggle can be shared & known by all with & support, join us

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