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Is your Food Obsession Holding you Back?

February 20, 20212 min read


This week a client shared a win that hit home, she said her new found freedom with food has given her freedom to think, live, create, & use her time in fulfilling ways.

Before, she was obsessing about food; the next meal, macros, if food was prepped, fears, urges to binge, figuring out if she “should” eat things, guilt & lingering thoughts of food, if she could go out with her friends, her parents worrying...

She expressed that she couldn’t believe 2 weeks ago she couldn’t trust herself & she was justifying restricting / punishing herself as a “champion would” only to then binge later leading to a reinforced failure mentality.

I remember being like her

I judged myself for anything that wasn’t a “whole” food & put myself on a pedestal in an effort to feel “better” about myself while secretly feeling very trapped & unworthy of autonomy.

I found myself clinging to portrayed standards of an identity to justify disordered thinking & behavior as “reasonable”.

In my journey to healing my relationship with food I knew the goals & desires weren’t inherently “bad” but my intentions, thoughts, & behaviors were representative of a deeper problem.

I was experiencing cognitive dissonance.

One of my core values is freedom & yet I trapped myself into “norms” I had conditioned myself to believe were “necessary for success” only to find they were what ultimately made me prone to sabotage.

What I’ve found & now commit my life to helping other ambitious, “type a”, “all or nothing”, 1%ers, competitors...find is that, as with anything in life.

If you are in it for the long run you have to embody the lifestyle & sustain it which, like any other human endeavor, is best done with daily effort that aligns to core values, awareness & willingness to change, & acceptance that it actually isn’t supposed to look the same as others because we’re all so incredibly different.

To make peace with food, your body, & your goals you must make peace with yourself.

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