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How Safyaa Got Ahead of Post-Show Binging to Start her Improvement Season Strong!

October 24, 20221 min read

Safyaaa had always struggled in her relationship with food. She had difficulty with controlling her consumption of sweets and would then restrict to punish herself. 

Her cheat meals often became cheat days. Because she felt like it was her only chance to eat certain foods, she would eat to the point of pain.  Even though she didn't label foods as good or bad it was hard for her to know when she was physically full and she had some foods she saw as triggers or led to fear of binging.

After her show, she ate even though her stomach was hurting. She felt miserable and was ashamed. During her second prep, she was already anticipating what she would eat after her show. She felt her food focus was out of her control and decided to reach out to me to avoid the cycle repeating. 

She completed the FREE 8 day program and then went to complete the 5 week Food Relationship Healing & Discovery Program.

With her commitment to the process, willingness to ask questions and try new things, as well as her intentional action taking each day, she has achieved so much of what she wanted for a healthy relationship with food.

She now feels satisfied after her meals and can acknowledge when she is feeling physically full. She no longer has to avoid foods she used to binge on and understands the importance of intention around eating. Safyaa is now empowered to pursue her goals in every season with a new outlook, more trust in herself, and the tools needed to support her through any challenges that may arise.

I am so grateful she trusted me in her journey and I hope that if her story resonates with you that you will consider trusting me too...​

Celeste Rains-Turk

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