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Saying Goodbye is Hard, Remembering why we Work so Hard, and Loving the Present Moment

June 23, 20192 min read


It is always so hard to say goodbye and not know if or when you’ll see someone again

Today was the last day of a fun trip to South Carolina & I am sad it’s over

Spending time with my family & seeing my grandpa was so nice

I was reminded that no matter what happens in family, there can always be a strong bond when effort is made & appreciated

My grandpa, papa, is in this photo & he has been my last surviving grandparent for most of my life

Our family shares such great memories together & to have a trip like this was so nice

I am reminded to live even more presently in the moments we have with our loved ones

Not out of fear of losing them but out of pure love for them

I love to hug my mom, Link arms with my dad, hold my sisters hand. I never want to take that for granted

When I hugged my papa goodbye I fear it could’ve been the last time

I feel blessed to have parents that care so deeply about my sister and my wellbeing

I feel inspired by the life my parents have lived and have provided for us

Something I don’t think we all talk about in this world enough is transition time

Right now things are a lil intimidating.

My dad is in a time where he is worrying about losing his dad, my parents are considering options for the rest of their life and retirement, my sister and I are going to be flying out of the nest, and there are so many people to love and consider in all of this

So instead of trying to make sure everything is always in order often it is better to just be present with one another because this moment really Is all that’s promised

I am not sure how to put this in words really but just to spend such quality time with the people I love in a beautiful place really reminded me to slow down a bit more

I’m always so focused on go go go, and I love what I am doing so much that sometimes i get so caught up in it and forget the reason I do any of it is so I can spend times like this with my family, treat them, enjoy them, support them

I have no idea what’s next but I do know that every moment I have with family is so valuable & important to me

Bit of a diary entry but feel that maybe if you can relate you could share too❤️

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