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Self-Love is Knowing You Have Improvements to Make and Honoring Yourself Enough to Make Them

September 18, 20191 min read


Self love is knowing you have improvements to make, recognizing what needs to change so you can become better, and then honoring yourself by taking actions to grow into this higher version of you

All of course while understanding that just because you’re not where you want to be right now does not mean you will never get there

Give yourself time, space, and energy to take these changes head on!

Complicating things or putting extra pressure on yourself to grow faster doesn’t help anything

I remember reading or hearing a great comparison that was something like; Would you yell at your garden to bloom?

No, you just know that with the right care like water and sunlight, the flowers will bloom eventually

There’s no need to rush the process when you know it will result in a flower garden

So why can’t this be true for you too?

If you implement the right personal growth tools, focus on your development daily, and care for yourself; blooming is likely inevitable for you too!

I created a free 18 ways to love yourself printable to expand your self love and help you grow into a higher version of you with self care, healing, and actions fueled with positive energy

You can get it by clicking here!

Hope you love it 😊💜🌷🌸🍃

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