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"Self-Love is the Best Anti-Depressant" Carley Opens up About Her Journey

July 24, 20203 min read

Carley recently completed my Food Relationship Healing and Discovery Coaching Program and vulnerably opened up to tell her story in hopes of inspiring others who may relate...

Carley reached out to me 2 weeks after being on lockdown and having completely lost control of her commitment to nutrition and training leading to a 20-25LBS weight gain in 2 weeks

But this was not the problem she needed support with. She reached out to me realizing she had an issue with her relationship with food and her body. She had also been using the gym as a distraction from her relationship ending back in January so when the gyms closed her depression skyrocketed leaving her feeling even more hopeless.

She talks about these experiences and what it was like to start working together. Carley talks about how we started focusing on her getting comfortable around all food again without overwhelming anxiety or discomfort when it came to nourishing her body.

It didn't take long for Carley to see the work we were doing was more than just being comfortable around a piece of cake or an oreo as she said. She shares how much we focused on emotions and how her emotions were driving her decisions as well as where they were coming from.

We also did work around her body image in which we detached her from her body to see the body as a separate entity which she says made a huge impact on her discovering how to be her own best friend, love herself, be comfortable alone, and not need the gym as a distraction but rather as one of many ways to love herself.

When she said it was the"MOST LIFE CHANGING MONTH I HAVE EVER HAD" I gotta be honest, I felt soooo overwhelmed with joy because I LOVED working with Carley. Her committed spirit and leave nothing on the table attitude is what truly led to her success in our work together. Like many of my clients she came to me for help with her relationship with food to end the binging and the negative choices and constant self loathing and left with even more than she expected because she went all in with me!

Carley talks about the impact of this program on her life and relationships as she talks about how it helped her to let of toxic relationships, find self love and self respect and ultimately even attract a man who she believes is perfect for her!. PLUS she became her own closest friend in her rediscovery of who she is.

Carley emphasizes that this program really goes well beyond surface level issues presenting as food, which is rarely the issue, and opens up opportunities to understand, care for, and find love for yourself. 

Of course, you must be willing to go into parts of you and your life that may be painful but she says it was life changing and goes on to express that she recommends it to anyone who is struggling, not just with food but in anything because of my commitment to guiding and supporting you as someone you can trust while also empowering and encouraging you to commit to the work necessary to see that "self-love is the best anti-depressant".

Carley says, "If you are thinking about working with Celeste she is an excellent option for help and it is the best option because not fake, artificial, or processed--it is discovering self-love"

If you are interested in learning more about making peace with food, your body, and your goals then please visit my program page HERE to learn more about the program and apply now

Celeste Rains-Turk

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