Self-Loving Approach to Achieving Goals

May 23, 20202 min read


Which one feels better to read or say?

A few years ago when I was really struggling with my depression, body image, and relationship with myself I came up with this mental exercise for myself

Anytime I had a loathing thought, I replaced it with one of love

I would literally stop what I was doing and reframe my thought pattern

Sometimes this SUCKED and felt like a waste of time or energy and honestly it sometimes just felt good to feel so sad/down

Doing it took a lot of commitment and effort at first. But now, it really is automatic for me!

You can train your mind to work FOR you rather than against you

Most people have their thoughts dictating their day, that’s not really your fault, but now that you’re aware you have the power to actively change it, you’d be at fault not to put some effort into it

If you’re tired of feeling TERRIBLE about yourself.

Whether that’s looking in the mirror, eating, going about your life goals; start changing your thought patterns

Patterns are repetitive sooo might as well create consistently positive patterns to run our life

One of the best things we can do is become so self-aware that replacing loathing thoughts with loving ones becomes automatic

It always feels better to be in a state of self love. This is where even more positive things grow from

Often times we don’t progress in our life because we are filling our mind with hate instead of encouragement

Long-lasting motivation can’t be bred from hatred

That’s why intrinsic motivation will always outlast extrinsic motivation

Self-love says “this is for me” self-loathe says “this is because I don’t like me”

Start paying attention to the way these two contrasting energies feel in your life

The more aware you become the stronger your ability will be to recognize it and shift to the loving energy

Not sure exactly how to get from one to the other once your thoughts are shifted?

I held a self-love workshop not to long ago sharing 3 of my fav exercises for personal development and growing more love for yourself

I’d be happy to share the link to anyone who wants it as a lil gift

Comment “self love” below or just email me saying 'free self love workshop' & I’ll get it to you

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