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Self-Sabotaging After Getting a Result You Want? Read This

May 07, 20202 min read


You put in all this work only to sabotage & end up two steps backward

Left wondering “how come I can’t just keep it going?” & “why do I keep doing this?”

It’s very self-defeating & frustrating. For anyone who does it or has done it, you know what I mean!

Whether it’s post-show, after starting a new program, or everytime you finally feel like you’re getting somewhere, it sucks

But please please please give yourself some grace & understand this...

I’ve been there myself

It was like I’d get somewhere awesome I’d let old patterns resurface then justify every little habit that came from my old self to bring me back into old “acceptable” ways

It would be as though I longed for this version of me I’d only ever get tastes of or could only be achieved in ways I didn’t fully align with

It felt so distant & unrealistic to truly live as my higher self

I had enough of it, & something clicked within me

I got to realizing that addressing this was not just about modifying my approach to the results (in fitness, biz, & relationships) but it was also about looking at why I couldn’t accept the results as mine?! So I addressed it

And when my clients struggle with this I always evaluate their self-worth, identity, & belief patterns

In order to really create AND sustain your results, you have to believe you’re WORTHY of them

It’s not about getting there, because that can so often be done with a step by step process, it’s about staying there

Those who get there, stay there, & really embrace a new identity, lifestyle, body, success level, A NEW NORMAL—believe they are worthy of it

When you believe you’re TRULY worthy of the results you desire or the results you’ve created; taking the necessary action steps to create & sustain them become easier because it’s PART of you—your identity

Rather than focusing on where you want to be or what you want to achieve, you can stay centered in the actual day to day feeling of those results

Honoring that you deserve this allows you to do what’s required to achieve & accept the new reality


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