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Setting Goals that Match your Values

January 13, 20222 min read

Setting Goals that Match your Values

The goals that wake me up in the morning are the same as the dreams that keep me up at night

When you have an irrefutable vision & mission, your drive & desire to pursue it do not need to be forced

Instead, it comes from this innate knowing that if you do not do what needs to be done then the sacrifice is not just the dream but also the deep rooted values of your soul

As you set standards or commitments for yourself, consider how they support you in satisfying the core codes of your soul (the parts of you that really dictate how you live & would be there no matter what—-for me these are freeedom, impact, and love)

When you identify your values, you establish an understanding of what brings meaning to your life and all that you do which allows you to be more grounded in the present & therefore more fulfilled

Ultimately, you’re going to see that the real payoff is in the pursuit and the byproduct of prioritizing a ❤️fulfilling pursuit is the strength, courage, faith, efficacy, & desire to keep going no matter what

If you’d like some support in identifying your values & connecting them to your goals, I have a full workshop on this topic in my on-demand mindset coaching platform

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