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She used her natural discipline to heal her relationship with food!

June 24, 20212 min read

She used her natural discipline to heal her relationship with food!

Megan came to me during her reverse diet struggling with binge eating, anxiety, food guilt, and not feeling like herself from going off plan.

She’s a disciplined go getter so when she wasn’t able to enjoy peanut butter or a refeed meal out with her boyfriend without going crazy & feeling sick after, she knew she needed to get ahead of it.

Even though she didn’t always crave fried foods or eat that much sugar she still found herself eating it in excess whenever she did. Especially sugar!

Megan struggled a lot with peanut butter and sweet desserts. She would avoid the Pb on her plan or eat a protein bar to try and satisfy her craving but it just wouldn’t cut it and would send her into a spiral.

Sometimes people think binging is strictly these highly palatable foods but that’s not always the case. You might find yourself binging on edamame or other foods too when trying to restrict or fill a void or control your urges or even just because you want it!

That all or nothing can be so frustrating too. She would overeat a sweet potato then say screw it the rest of the day.

I know I’ve been there, & many of my clients have, but you can get out of this mentality!

I was amazed by Megan from the start! Despite her struggles and past, she knew she was worthy of the effort to change and she made the commitment to herself EVERY day in this program.

Megan is a nurse and even working really long, stressful shifts she would show up for herself.

She was referred to me from a friend and I was grateful for her trust in me, as I am with every client.

Megan asked questions, applied the tools and resources, was open about everything she was facing, and was consistent.

Now we are here!

Her words speak volumes to what is possible for you and others out there. While every person and experience is unique, there’s no one size fits all but my process has been proven to work over and over again for hundreds of women now, competitors and non competitors! Because we make it work for YOU together and every day we communicate to keep it personal and to make sure we are facing things head on.

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