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Start your own podcast!

January 30, 20232 min read


Want to start a podcast but don’t know where to start? Visit:

want to give you the tools & SUPPORT to have an effective launch & a process to provide longevity to your podcast

I’m 5 years in the game now & it’s because I have a system now which has allowed me to develop ideas & delegate so I now get to show up n solely have fun with it!

This program is usually word of mouth driven

I limit the amount I take in this program, not as a “scarcity marketing tactic”, but bc my mental health services come first

But I have made availability to support others in launching their podcast

Plus. I’m very business savvy…years before I launched I was working as a virtual assistant publishing & producing a podcast which helped me learn the process myself. I also worked as a business mentor within high performing online coaching programs, have supported other coaches & entrepreneurs in building their systems or launching their podcast, & have spoken at multiple business masterminds & contributed to various biz podcasts & articles (yup, a side of me I don’t generally share because I’m over here busy making my mission a priority!)

After doing that assistance work, speaking with a great friend / mentor, & having my late momma say to me “so when will you record your first episode?”, I ran with my idea, launched, & never looked back

Of course all with proper systems in place for my business to handle any new leads

Although, when I launched my podcast I wasn’t even doing what I do now, I purely launched from passion alone— hence why I call this program Podcast with PURPOSE

Not just so you are purposeful in execution with the end vision in mind (be it to sell, promote, raise funds or awareness etc or to have live events like this) BUT also that your heart remains in a place of purpose & SERVICE

I didn’t start my podcast for me

Many people urged me against it because it “has nothing to do with the work you’re doing & will be a distraction”

Doing it because it was on my heart for passion, transformed the work I was doing into the truly fulfilling work I do now

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