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Taking Time Away from the Stage

October 17, 20232 min read

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Putting the stage on hold & focusing on building can be tough😓

It can be scary to see your body & more fat reducing the muscle definition you’ve conditioned down to & increasing food intake

What it would mean if you went into a grow season with the same level of respect & commitment as your prep to get stage ready?

This doesn’t mean making your life a tunnel vision into the daily demands & habits, it means improving in ALL areas

1)BodyBUILD: It's your opportunity to pack on quality muscle mass. Seeing your most conditioned body change can be tough after celebrating getting leaner for so long. Take time to identify the benefits of this season

2) Nutrition: Fuel your body through fear. Increasing calories means better opportunity for gains. It can be scary to watch the scale go up, but it’s scarier to step on stage knowing you could have given more to grow season because you either didn’t calories high enough to be in a better starting point to get more conditioned or you didn’t eat enough to support building mass required to be better🤷🏻‍♀️

3) Gym: Prep / show day can be a very motivating end goal but setting goals in the gym & making it an exciting pursuit can increase desire to stay in the gym even post-show. Rest & recovery or less training days may be challenging but your body will reward you in the long run

4) Reality: It's not all about your reflection in the mirror or latest waist & glute measurements🍑. Learning to appreciate the person this lifestyle lets you be in other areas of life can keep things in perspective and make it less about looking a certain way & more about feeling, being, & showing up for life

5) Your Wins Still Matter even if they Look different: celebrate every victory. Remind yourself you are worthy, deserving, & capable of achieving the goals you set & this phase is the prerequisite

This emotional turbulence is part of your growth👏

Enjoy striving for PRs, a healthier relationship with food, rest, more life area satisfaction, & purpose/identity outside of your physique

Your body is a work in progress; your #mentalgains are just as valid & important as your physical


Celeste Rains-Turk

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