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The Competitor Resource you don't Know About

December 13, 20211 min read

The Competitor Resource you don't Know About

Love hearing about how members of the On-Demand Mindset Coaching Platform have benefitted from the support right at their fingertips from video workshops, PDFs and worksheets, guided practices, years of group mentorship, and more!

Brooke is a very amazing athlete who understands how competing in a sport that requires emphasis on body / physique and utilizing food for performance

She struggled with binging and not wanting to leave the house in fear of losing control but after joining the platform and UTILIZING the resources, a switch flipped as she said and now she doesn’t even think twice about it

I invite you to check out the platform at it’s literally only $9.99 to join and you can cancel your membership and come back anytime

I’m super proud of it as since it’s inception almost 3 years ago now, there never was and will never be anything like it…why? Not just the content and the way it’s designed to work almost like AI predicting your needs based on the outcomes i put into it knowing competitors and athletes the way i do but also because of our amazing community within it 🫶🏼

Celeste Rains-Turk

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