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The Grass is Always Greener, Especially if You Forget to Water Yours!

January 30, 20191 min read


Of course their grass looks greener, you forgot to water your own because you were too caught up looking at theirs.

Ever notice how often this can happen in our life?

Instead of seeing all that we have, are, and can be...

We choose to focus on what others have that we don’t

If we are looking at someone else’s life and placing it on a pedestal then we are distancing ourselves from a better reality

It’s not about creating what others are or becoming them, it’s about celebrating their success, seeing the clues their success has left, and then going about our own business and becoming our own best!

On your journey to having, doing, being, or accomplishing more...use gratitude for what you have/who you are already as a catalyst for even more growth

Hating where you are (or hating on others for their success) is more of a repellent than anything you could ever imagine

So, Admire and be inspired by other people’s gardens, but don’t forget to water yours and pull the damn weeds out already!

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