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The 'Quick Fixes' of Mental Health in the Fitness Industry that we need to Stop Promoting & Relying On

January 11, 20212 min read


Quick fixes have been the Achilles heel to fitness pros for years because they don’t work!

Well, I’ve got qualms with the fitness industry of my own

Sure, they can detest diet culture & reliance on fads, but to then also turn around & promote this? That’s a real shame

I’m an advocate for prioritizing your relationship with food, body image, & overall self-affect WHILE pursuing your physique goals

Just as everyone’s fitness journey is unique, the same is true of mental health

Now, while I’m no longer a fitness coach, I am a CPT & studied clinical nutrition & dietetics as an emphasis through my AS & into my BS before realizing my heart wasn’t in it the way it was in psychology which I ultimately got my BA in, but I can say MOST coaches want THE BEST for you & your long-term results/sustainability


You hire a FIT pro to focus on exercise, a NUTRITION pro to focus on nourishment, & then what do you do for mental health?

Turn back to the fitness Industry promoting these as “strategies”?🥴

It would be like me telling you to just sit on the couch all day because walking makes you tired?

No way would a fit pro support this—it’s a BANDAGE

I would never try to do a passionate, results-driven coach’s job

& I don’t want them trying to do mine

I read research on psychology, counseling, theoretical, & evidence based approaches to disordered eating, body image, purpose, goals, life changes, self-concept, mindfulness...

Just as I’m sure the fitness pro you’re working with is immersed in that literature to support you in your physical results

All I’m saying is, be mindful of where you may be relying on quick fixes for your mindset despite focusing on & believing in a sustainable fitness / competition lifestyle

While these behaviors suggested in the image may seem “normal” bc fit pros might practice them, it doesn’t mean they’re healthy/helpful

Just like it is “normal” to succeed short term in a fad diet, it doesn’t mean it should be promoted— we all know “it’s just water weight” & “unsustainable” right?

You deserve to #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY & face the mental health related concerns that are holding you back from being the best athlete you can be, capitalizing on the programs you commit to, & sustaining the results you create

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Celeste Rains-Turk; Celestial_fit

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