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The Stage Represents Everything I Have Done, Been Through, and am Passionate About

July 05, 20192 min read

The Stage Represents Everything I Have Done, Been Through, and am Passionate About

No words could describe how I felt after this show

And honestly, words wouldn’t do that journey there or that day any justice

Oooof love that girl. Love her so much that I’m really really really committed to continuous improvement

Seeing this photo always motivates the hell out of me

I went from 5th place the show before (my first show back from mental healing hiatus) to first place in novice and 3rd place in open in a class of approx 15+ girls

I prepped through the holidays and learned I actually loved doing that, and am planning to do again this year!

This show was a true reflection of how much I had/was falling in love with the sport

I walked off Stage August 2017 like, omg I love this so much I need to do this again!

As if i just got off my favorite amusement park ride, the high, the rush!

But the rush didn’t die, it fueled me to continue prep all the way to February and from there even more

I truly found what I love and it guided me to new depths of my passions

The stage is a place I love to be because it, along with the entire preparations & recoveries, has taught me more than I ever could have imagined

The stage represents my passion and purpose for me

It is like a reminder of all that I’ve experienced, been through, done to and for myself, and have committed to

My mind has been keeping the stage in my vision but the girl I see up there in my head requires this growth phase of my journey right now

The good news is, I’m still loving ALL of this and I am no longer attached to the chase but instead more committed to the art of creating what’s expected, trusting this path, and believing that the universe’s timing is always perfect 

Celeste Rains-Turk

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