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November 01, 20232 min read

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Do not make these mistakes unless you want the cycle to continue 😩🔁

1- NO restriction of food after. As hard as it can be to think about eating again or maybe you’re not even feeling hungry; eat!

Now is not the time to “honor your body’s fullness level” I’m sorry but that ship sailed & what’s more important is getting your MIND right

By restricting food the next day you are MORE likely to repeat the behavior later due to feelings of restriction & hunger

2- NEVER do extra exercise. Extra exertion outside of your norm, in an effort to “feel better about it” is generally a recipe for disaster

You’re more likely to continue to believe that you can “work it off” which forms an unhealthy justification pattern in your mind

We want to get AWAY from the behavior, not find more ways to allow for it!

3- Avoid throwing away all the food you binge on

While having your environment be conducive to your goals is important, running from/avoiding food out of fear of binging again is not going to solve the root of the problem

I cringe when people say “well just don’t have it in your house” those are the same people who may really struggle when they’re home for the holidays surrounded by those foods or they feel they need to avoid any possible situation where food that’s not “on their plan” is present

Instead of trashing, consider moving it to a random location, separating it into mini baggies, & putting it somewhere more effort is required to get it. This encourages more mindfulness

I’d also recommend finding your distress tolerance level in accordance to your exposure hierarchy & begin working these foods in

4- DO NOT Hide that it happened. Take responsibility by either writing it down or telling a loved one

Part of healing is acknowledging what is going on. You may even identify patterns when you do this. Blaming is also a NO go. It’s offloading responsibility as justification

I offer a free food relationship coaching series & a 5 week program that’s built for you to make peace with food without sacrificing your goals. Learn more at linked in bio @celestial_fit or DM me💜

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