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There is Nothing Mediocre about Competing But How you Compete Matters

March 18, 20192 min read

There is Nothing Mediocre about Competing But How you Compete Matters

No one came here to be mediocre.

So we find ways to be above average or do things we didn’t even know we ourselves were capable of.

One of those things for me is competing.

I’m a very competitive person, always have been and likely always will be.

Bodybuilding has given me the opportunity to compete with myself and only myself.

I know I’m the only one in control of my outcome.

I love that when I wake up I have a choice to do better or to make excuses.

I love that it’s a sport where we are judged and compared because it forces me to practice reconnecting to MY why or finding peace in the internal wins more than any trophy or placing

I love that this sport is an extreme of a lifestyle that I love

I love that you can’t always be stage lean and ready to step on stage in order to do well

I love that it requires literal growth phases

Currently I feel like I caterpillar in my chrysalis taking the time to make something even more magical

I look at my stage shots, prep photos, and show day pics like this and MISSSSS it!

But I also see someone I’ll never see again.

Because I’m growing, I’m changing, and my mental and emotional state will change with me!

This sport doesn’t allow anyone to be mediocre.

You either show up every day to give it your all even when you don’t want to or you lose

You lose because you quit on yourself not because you didn’t place.

In fact, you could place and be upset knowing you didn’t even give your all!

But like I said, I’m competitive, most of us are.

And even though the internal wins are most fulfilling, I have my heart set on some seriously big goals and achievements.

If I didn’t want to win on stage I would never stop and take the time to grow.

But there’s work to do in order to get to the top and I’m learning, growing, and pushing myself daily.

I keep reminding myself, a winning physique is built in the improvement season, fine tuned & chiseled during a prep, and exhibited on stage

How do you show up for yourself and your goals every day?

Celeste Rains-Turk

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