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There's a community for you!

April 18, 20222 min read

There's a community for you!

Community in this sport is so meaningful!

Some competitors don’t have support of family or friends around them.

Especially when you’re taking on a new lifestyle and your loved ones are grieving an old version of you that you no longer wish to be.

I’ve had clients who tell me they don’t have much connection to the industry and feel very alone.

Which is why a big part of my programs and services include community connection.

We have a group coaching call every month and a private Facebook group for people to share.

Not to mention all the live events open for competitors and non-competitors. Not only mine but the industry!

There are so many great opportunities to connect and while it can be scary to put yourself out there or you think you might be judged because you’re “new” or you’re taking a “different” approach than others, you’re still valued and your current process can still benefit greatly from having support around you.

Support online or across states or even across the world can be just as valuable as in person connections.

I know I have many friends online or nearby who I communicate with about this sport and lifestyle often.

Some who are nearby I don’t even get to see that often but we still have each other’s back.

It’s important to have people in your corner or who you can ask for insight from.

Challenge yourself to find some LIVE events, online groups, or even just reach out to some of the people you follow and make friends

It is so meaningful!

Pictured with me here is @frobandytruth who started as a client years ago and stayed connected in the community and we kept in touch and we spent precious time at USAs together and made memories I’ll always cherish! And she is always on our build more than just a body group coaching calls every month adding value, insight, and sharing her own experiences and thoughts.

If you’re curious about being in the community or seeing what it’s about you can learn more at

if you work with me 1:1 at any point in time, you’ll have access to the group coaching calls for as long as they’re in existence!

Celeste Rains-Turk

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