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July 22, 20192 min read


CHANGING PERSPECTIVE; This Is Not Your Breaking Point, It Is Your Making Point
It is easy to feel & stay overwhelmed when nothing seems to be going right for you
Changing your perspective is going to be extremely influential & is arguably the most important step to getting through it
By shifting your perspective you will be able to approach everything else with a fresh set of eyes
I like to think of challenges as ‘the moment’

We’ve all seen it happen in movies, the ‘turning point’ that is so extremely daunting for the protagonist but ends up changing the course of their life for the better
Whether that means they finally stumbled on the gold mine, bumped into the love of their life, or learned a lesson they will carry with them forever;

That moment would not have happened without the challenges they faced
Maybe this right here is what you will look back on and be grateful for, maybe this is your ‘moment’

So embrace the difficulty in what you are experiencing
Sometimes the toughest times of your life are really just your conveyor belt to the best times of your life & all you have to do is hop on for the ride
We live in a world that wants us to believe that we always have to work on ourselves because we are never good enough or won’t fulfill our potential if we don’t
But you don’t always have to ‘resolve’ everything 

Sometimes the best thing you can do is be present enough in the moment to see the lessons it is teaching you rather than trying to run from it, cover it up, or pick up all the pieces super quickly

Maybe with more presence you will see something you thought was broken and discover that it has become something new, or maybe you will stumble upon your gold mine after all ☁️🌥⛅️🌤☀️🌈

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