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True Freedom

November 07, 20232 min read

treu freedom

When you have freedom in your body, you have freedom in your life🕊️

I am often told by others they are surprised at how comfortable I am in my improvement seasons

Let me tell you, some days are easier than others

But what I’ve learned over years of restriction, exercise abuse, fixation on my body every day is that it stole moments of my joy from me

I was too focused on how I’d look in a bikini, what others would think of me in the dress, how my legs would look next to all the “skinnier” girls, what my food choices would mean about me, if people would critique my habits because I was bigger than everyone else, what a guy would think,….it was never ending. It all took away from the joy of the present moment

Being caught up took away experiences i can never get back, it also disconnected me from the very vessel that allows me to experience life!

Whether I’m 109 lean bean for stage or 145+ I’m ME; a valuable, kind, passionate, ambitious, driven woman who is a daughter of a king who made me perfectly & has accepted me despite all the worldly things because he does not focus on that of the body or riches but on the soul….

While I am always focusing on being better, I aim to show you that it can look different on you than it looks on others, it can have its ups & downs, & you deserve to feel great through the process

If you take actions that don’t align with your goals you’ll feel less positive about how you look no matter if it’s closer to your “ideal” or not… what we need to celebrate is your process, your longevity, & who you are & how you dedicate yourself to being grateful while pursuing greater
As a final point, having amazing friends who “get it” are so important. This photo was from a bodybuilding retreat in Mexico hosted by @hollyfitatfifty_ifbbpro part of it included a photo shoot, the iPhone photos came out much better for me than the professional ones likely because @stephmackris hyping and perf on the camera :p. It’s easier to not hate on yourself and your body when you know How loved, cherished, supported, and seen you are beyond your body

Celeste Rains-Turk

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