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Trusting the Process Under New Circumstances

March 04, 20202 min read

Trusting the Process Under New Circumstances

I’m happy with where we are & where we are going 🤩😊

This week I had a moment with my coach and basically asked him what makes him think I’ll be good to go in 4.5 weeks since he told me progress was on point

I asked him because my body is just so different this time around

I’m 1.5 years older

I have more muscle mass, maturity, and density

I have more balanced hormones

I am stronger

I just have so much more shape all around and my composition has changed noticeably

I’ve taken a longer prep with new approaches

I took a long improvement season and focused on really building and restoring my body unlike ANY other time in my life before

My 135lbs now is just completely different than its ever been in the past so of course my “stage ready” will probably look much different too

So I’ll admit I was feeling this fear of the unknown because 2017-2018 I just kept prepping

I wasn’t so much questioning “if” I’d be “ready” because I believe in myself, my coach’s plan, & my body

It wasn’t about that because honestly, I know it’ll be fine & I show up and execute every day

But it was more so a need for reassurance about how different my body is now and what that means for this prep

I’m not afraid to admit I was looking for that because it’s the reason I have a coach, tell me what to do, encourage me, & support the big vision

We both agree that it’ll be a new experience and physique for us both to learn from but that I’ll get where I need to be regardless

I feel positive about the direction we are headed and believe that I have been prepared by my past to face the future

I see this as an opportunity to keep growing inside and to of course #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY

I choose to look at each day like a mirror reflecting back to me all that I am, can be, and need to become in order to fulfill my dreams and commitments to myself

It goes so much deeper than the surface and that's a big reason I love this sport so much

At the end of the day, it’s about improving which can only be done by learning and relearning and committing and recommitting

Have you ever had similar experiences? I’d love to hear your story!😊

Celeste Rains-Turk

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