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Wake Up and CHOOSE your Life

August 08, 20222 min read

Wake Up and CHOOSE your Life

Every day I say let’s see what this body can do naturally with my willingness to push, demand more, and listen to her

I am not turned off by the extremes this sport demands of my mind and body

I wake up and choose this. In fact, most days i wake up before my alarm because i CANT WAIT to get after it

And the closer I get to these next two shows, and a break in the season, the more I embrace the demands being made of myself

That’s how I know I am present in this. Because I can recognize that an end is inevitable and important but while I’m in it, I am going to be IN it

I feel grateful to do this

I can stop anytime

But I don’t want to

Even when I do question it or things are hard or life takes a left turn, I KNOW that committing to this makes me better

By saying YES to my goals, even without a promised tangible outcome, I am reinforcing the belief that I am worth the commitment of the process and that is where I establish who I want to be and have been preparing myself to become

Pursuing anything is the purpose of life

To not pursue is to be stagnant and to be stagnant is to waste away

Running water is much safer to drink than stagnant water after all

I remind myself it is better to be in motion and vulnerable to the pains of life or the growing pains of choosing more than to be still and unfulfilled

My mission has always been to #BUILDMORETHANJUSTABODY and in the path of bodybuilding we are ever evolving in the physical form but only with the support of the mental gains made

Join me in fortifying the champion mentality, check out the numerous free resources and services offered to support athletes in establishing their most fulfilling and empowering preps and improvement seasons

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