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What Are Your Goals for Your Body?

September 03, 20191 min read

 What Are Your Goals for Your Body?

Comment Below with Some of Your Goals for your Body Outside of Aesthetics or Stats!

It’s so easy to get laser focused on a number or a look, but what about function, mobility, feel, action?

One of the best ways to feel better about your body is to acknowledge and appreciate her

Like any relationship, it’s not about how it looks on the outside as much as it is about how both parties feel

So how does your body feel? And how does she help you function?

How does your body function? And how does that make you feel?

I would set goals for myself like touch my toes, do a leg workout without needing knee sleeves, gain mobility, be able to run x distance in x time, digestion, menstrual, etc

Then I took the time to also recognize what my body allowed me to do already

Thanks to those of you who commented a few posts back on what you love that your body allows you to do!

Doing this daily has really changed the way I see myself

When I felt like I was “too heavy” “too big” “too fat” It was annoying and all consuming

Like who even decided that? When did I decide that?

I started seeing my body in loving ways and as a result my image of my body also changed!

I saw her as beautiful and strong and curvy and fit and just really awesome

I liked looking at her

Because I knew what she was capable of and I knew I was responsible and doing everything I can!

Loving yourself will never be fully satisfied simply through external changes

But when you commit to really celebrating your body, the love comes so much more effortlessly!

Can’t wait to hear your goals 😍

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