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What Happens when Women Come Together?

May 21, 20191 min read

 What Happens when Women Come Together?

This weekend I had the pleasure of connecting with a group of soul-centered women

I loved that in this environment we were able to be SO open with each other

As women we can really support and connect with each other on such deep levels

When we come together we are a force to be reckoned with

As I reflect on an incredible experience cohosting this with AJ Mihrzad and Rachael Takesaka I am even more excited to hold my own event at the end of this year

I’ll be bringing together a small group of bikini competitors for a mastermind where we too will be very real, crack open our hearts so we can heal them, and share our unique insights

I believe every single one of us has something incredible to offer and bring to the table

By getting a group of competitors together I know we will all not just have relationships that last but also a deeper understanding that we are in this together

If you’re a bikini competitor and want the details for the bikini mastermind I am hosting at the end of the year

Click HERE!

We will be focusing on the metal side of this sport specifically with topics like self love, body image, food relationships, and really digging into your specific needs

As I collect interest I’ll be following up with more details like location, time, place, reservation and all the excitement etc!

Really hope to see you, your teammates, and other competitors there 😍

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